AtB`s statutes

AtB`s statutes

  • AtB is responsible for planning, ordering and marketing public transport throughout Sør-Trøndelag county.
  • AtB shall implement this in an attractive, coordinated and environmentally friendly manner.
  • AtB shall be responsible, cost effective and have satisfied customers.
  • AtB shall purchase transportation services in accordance with public rules and regulations.
  • AtB will be responsible for revenues from the sale of tickets for bus, tram, boat and ferry.
  • AtB shall market and operate public transport in such a way that the public transport share increases.
  • AtB will be responsible for the necessary infrastructure needed for the implementation of its services. This applies particularly to terminals, ticketing, IT solutions, etc.
  • AtB may also engage in activities that support our core business. The main goal of the company is not to generate profit, but to assist our owner in reaching its transport policy objectives.


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