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Youth ticket

Prices from January 4th 2021.

Youth ticket

Youth ticket for Trøndelag applies to youth from 16 up to and including 19 years, and those under 16 who can show that they are in high school.

The ticket applies for trips by bus, tram and boat (not ferry) throughout Trøndelag. You can also use the ticket on train in zone A the night bus. Youth ticket is not valid on airbus or other commercial routes.

Remember that you must be able to show that you are entitled to a discount upon request. Passengers who fail to produce a valid ticket during an inspection will receive a fine.


Youth ticket Trøndelag costs 520 for 30 days.

How the ticket works

The Youth ticket is valid for 30 consecutive days.

If you have a Youth ticket on the t:card, it is valid from when you activate the ticket on a card reader on board or at metrostations.

If you have a Youth ticket with AtB Mobillett, it is valid from the moment of purchase.