Park and ride

Find information about where you can find free parking for your car or bike close to public transport.

In Trøndelag several parking spaces have been built near bus stops and train stations. This makes it easy to combine car or bike with train or bus.

Touch the map to see where the entry car parks are located, which stops are nearby and which routes stop at the stops.


Finn din innfartsparkering

Klæbu25 cars8 bikes under roof
Hommelvik bomstasjon55 cars8 bikes under roof
Hommelvik stasjon45 cars21 bikes, 9 under roof
Leistadkrysset80 cars12 bikes under roof
Sjølyst20 cars
Sveberg ved Malviksenteret37 cars10 bikes
Vikhammer stasjon30 cars12 bikes
Brubakken110 cars10 bikes under roof
Hovin25 cars12 bikes under roof
Kvål stasjon15 cars
Ler20 cars12 bikes under roof
Lundamo20 cars10 bikes under roof
Melhus skysstasjon150 cars50 bikes, 30 under roof
Midtre Gauldal
Støren skysstasjon85 cars15 bikes under roof
Orkanger skysstasjon120 cars32 bikes, 20 under roof
Rissa skystasjon10 cars5 bikes
Buvika83 cars10 bikes under roof
Børsa142 cars10 bikes under roof
Hell stasjon50 cars16 bikes under roof
Stjørdal stasjon140 carsabout 200 bikes
Heimdal stasjon50 cars9 bikes
Ranheim fabrikker38 cars8 bikes
Spongdal *22 cars10 bikes under roof
Tonstadkrysset20 carsNo parking for bikes
Trondheim sentralstasjonBikes under roof
StokkhaugenBikes under roof
DalgårdBikes under roof
HusebytunetBikes under roof
KroppanmarkaBikes under roof
Ringve skoleBikes under roof
OlderdalenBikes under roof
Åfjord skysstasjonUnknown number of carsUnknown number of cars

*Spongdal: Follow the signs from the road. Adresse: Fylkesveg 707 Flakk-Klett. Walkway (gravel) to the stop in front of the old Spongdal school.

There is also bike parking under roof near the following bus stops: 

  • Trondheim sentralstasjon
  • Stokkhaugen
  • Dalgård
  • Husebytunet
  • Kroppanmarka
  • Ringve skole
  • Olderdalen