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Night bus and tram

Prices from January 2nd 2020.

Price table
Trondheim (includes Klæbu)100,-
Malvik, Melhus and Skaun150,-
Stjørdal and Orkdal200,-

Prices from Trondheim.

Periodic ticket on night bus and tram

With a youth ticket or periodic ticket for student or senior, you can travel with night bus. 24-hour ticket is not valid on night bus.

Remember that you must be able to show that you are entitled to a discount upon request. Passengers who fail to produce a valid ID during an inspection will receive a fine.

How to use the ticket

The night bus ticket is valid for one trip without transfer.

Buy your ticket with the app AtB Mobillett, travel card t:card, SMS-ticket or on ticket machines. Find out how to buy a ticket.