Single ticket passenger boat

Fares from May 2nd 2024

Single ticketsAdultChild/Senior/Student
Route 800/805/810
Price table (pdf) (277KB)
Route 820/825
Route 830/835
Price table (pdf) (509KB)
Price table (pdf) (511KB)
Route 980
Price table (pdf) (544KB)Price table (pdf) (511KB)

 Fares from January 1st 2024

Round trips
Round tripsAdultChild/Senior
Route 830/835 Round trip Osen200100
Route 980 Namsos - Gjæslingan round trip480240
Route 980 Rørvik - Gjæslingan round trip300150
Route 980 Jøa - Gjæslingan round trip350175

Family discount boat

The discount applies when one or two adults that are registered partners/live together/are married travel together with their own children under the age of 20. Pay full price for the first adult, and get a 50 % discount on the remaining tickets. The offer is valid all days, and does not include a transfer to bus. The ticket is purchased on board.

Discount with t:card

Adult and child receive a 15% discount with t:card with autotravel. Other passenger categories receive 5% discount when using t:card.


To send goods on route 800, 805, 810, 820, 825, 830 og 835, contact FosenNamsos Sjø at 73 89 07 00.

To send goods on route 980, contact Vidar Hop Skyssbåter at 482 94 560.

How the ticket works

When you buy a ticket on board paid with t:card, credit card or cash it is valid for 45 minutes from scheduled arrival at the last stop in the zone you purchased a ticket for. 

If you buy your ticket with the AtB app, it is valid from the start time you have chosen. If you buy your ticket with AtB Mobillett it is valid from the moment of purchase. The ticket is directional.


You transfer for free between bus and boat within the same zone.

When you buy your ticket on board a boat you have free transfer to bus in the same zone. If you buy a bus ticket and continue your trip by boat, you will receive a deduction equivalent to travel with bus in one zone.

If you buy single tickets for each trip you get a transfer deduction equivalent to travel with bus in one zone for each trip in Trøndelag.