Fare and discount guidelines

Please note that anyone travelling on a discounted ticket, must produce proof of their entitlement upon request. If you are entitled to a different discount than the ticket you are currently using, it is your responsibility to get a refund, or change the product by contacting an AtB service center.


You pay adult fare if you are not in a discounted passenger category.

Adult fares applies from 20 to 66 years.


Child fare applies from 6 to 19 years. Children under 6 years of age travel for free.

Child fare is with a 50% discount on single tickets and 60% discount on periodic tickets.

From the age of 20, you are no longer in the passenger category child, and you are responsible to change your ticket.

Family weekend

Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in Norway (not the 17th of May), you who are 20 years or older can bring along 4 children under 18 for free with any adult ticket, senior ticket and student ticket on travels with bus or tram in one zone.

Family discount boat

The discount applies when one or to adults that are registered partners/live together/are married travel together with their own children under the age of 20. Pay full price for the first adult and get a 50% discount on the remaining tickets. The offer is valid all days and does not include a transfer to bus. The ticket is purchased on board.

Youth ticket

Youth ticket is available from 16 to 19 years, or if you are under 16 and can document that you attend high school. One tip is to download the app Pocket ID from Google Play or App Store. The ticket is valid for travels with bus, tram and boat in Trøndelag. Youth ticket is not valid on airbus or other commercial routes.


Student discounts applies to high school students and students up to 34 years. Students under 20 years of age are eligible for child ticket rates.

Student fare on single ticket bus and tram is minimum 84,- for travels in two or three zones, and 50% discount on single ticket when traveling in four or more zones. Student fare on boat is 50% discount and minimum 116,-. Students receive a 40% discount on periodic tickets from 30 to 180 days.

You must have a valid student ID from your school in Norway that shows the current semester, valid Norwegian student ID and term card from higher education, or ISIC card. 

A valid student ID must have the name, date of birth, picture of the student, place of study and show what semester it is valid for. One tip is to download the app Student ID from Google Play or App Store, or the app Pocket ID from Google Play or App Store.

Adult foreigners up to and including 34 years who undergo the course "Norwegian with social knowledge" or the introduction program for refugees, receive student discounts. Valid ID and student certificate with name, date of birth, valid semester and stamped picture must be submitted upon request.

Remember that you must be able to show that you are entitled to a discount upon request. Without valid proof of discount, you will receive an additional fee in a ticket inspection.


Apprentices up to and including 34 years can buy tickets with student discount.

As an apprentice, you must download the app Pocket ID from Google Play or App Store. Pocket ID is the only valid proof. Without valid proof, you will receive an additional fee in a ticket inspection.

At the end of the contract period you are responsible for changing your periodic ticket from student to adult.


Senior fare applies from 67 years of age, for persons who are disabled, blind or deaf-blind.

Senior fare is 50% discount on single tickets and 60% discount on periodic tickets.

Spouses/partners of persons travelling on senior discount can purchase single tickets with senior discount when travelling together.

Disabled and blind passengers requesting discount tickets must provide either a valid ID from the Norwegian Social Insurance System, or ID from The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted or other similar disability organizations abroad


Soldiers who participate in the mandatory service pay 50% of the adult fare single ticket upon display of certificate of service. 

On other ticket types, the adult fare applies. 

Assistant ID

Passengers travelling with assistant must provide valid assistant ID. Passenger travel on senior discount, while assistant(s) travel for free. Please remember your senior/discount certificate.


Free of charge. Please note that there may be limited space on board.


Bus and tram

Free of charge.


Price for dog is with a 50 % discount on single ticket.

Seeing eye dogs free of charge when together with blind passanger. Police dogs free of charge when together with police personnel in uniform.


It is the staff who decide whether there is room for bringing a bike on board.

Bus and tram

Price for bringing a bike, electric bike, large scooter, sled or similar is with a 50 % discount on single ticket.


It is free to travel with:

  • folded bikes and electric scooters.
  • small scooters/electric scooters that can easily be taken under the arm.
  • special bikes for people with disabilities.

You can bring a bike as long as there is room on board the bus or tram. If you travel with regional lines, it is only possible to bring a bike if the space reserved for prams is free.


You can bring your bike free of charge on the boat.

Please note that bikes and the like cannot be prioritized if the boat is full.

Skis and other goods

You can bring hand luggage on board when this does not prevent other travelers. The hand luggage must be placed so that it does not represent a safety hazard.

You can bring skis for free on the bus, tram and boat. The staff decides if there is room. AtB accepts no liability for any damages.

Note that you can not bring a kayak on the boats.