Punch card on bus and tram

Are you used to refilling an amount to complete several single trips? It is replaced with the purchase of punch cards - 10 single tickets purchased at once.

If you travel occasionally by bus or tram, you can buy punch cards in the webshop and at the AtB customer service. You should use the same t: card that you already have. If you do not have a t: card from before, you can order one and have it sent to you by post for free.

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How to use the punch card

When validating the t:card after you have bought a new punch card, hold it against the card reader longer than you are used to.

Validating t:card on board

When you read the t: card on the card reader, you will receive an audible signal confirming that the card is being read. The driver will see that you have a cut card and start a single ticket. Hold the card until the driver confirms that you have a ticket. Keep track of how many single tickets you have left by logging in to the online store or asking the driver.

Validating t:card at metro station

Validate t:card on the card reader. Wait for the audio signal and picture that shows that the ticket is OK and how many single tickets you have left.

More ways to buy a ticket

If you do not want to use punch cards on t:card, you have several other options:

  • Periodic ticket on t:card
  • The app AtB Mobillett
  • SMS-ticket
  • Ticket machine (zone A)
  • Retailers (zone A)
  • On board (only credit card on region lines)

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Ticket refund

If you have a value left on your t:card that you have not used up before you switch to using the new webshop, we will refund it. Submit application for refund.

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