Ticket refund


Find out how to proceed to apply for a refund and what documentation you must submit to an application.

You are responsible for getting to know the terms and conditions when purchasing a ticket. To apply for a refund, please contact the AtB Service center. Payment of refund is made to credit card, Mobillett account, bank account or t: card. We do not pay refunds in cash.

  • Periodic ticket on travel card, t:card or app AtB Mobillett can be refunded in case of illness, death, relocation or changed travel pattern due to work. We need account number and ID in addition to the following:

    • Illness: Sick leave documentation.
    • Death: Grant of probate.
    • Address change: Confirmation from the National Register.
    • Job: Confirmation of working conditions.

    In case of illness or death if the periodic ticket has not been used, the entire amount will be refunded. If the periodic ticket has been used, we will deduct single trips.

    You can also get the ticket refunded if you have purchased a ticket for wrong zones or passenger category.

    Contact us via the contact form or AtB service center to apply for a refund.

  • If an error causes you to buy more tickets than desired, we will refund the amount. The cause might be technical problems within the AtB Mobillett app, our travel card or at the telecom operator.  Please contact the AtB Service centre to apply for a refund.

  • If you like to terminate your Mobillett account, please complete the following form (PDF, 48KB) (Norwegian only) and send it to us with a copy of valid ID. We will then refund the balance on your Mobillett account.

    The form should be sent to kundeservice@atb.no
    Mark the email with "Termination of Mobillett Account" in the topic field.

    The form can also be sent by mail to

    AtB AS, Kundesenter
    Prinsens gate 39
    7011 Trondheim

  • Travel pass with 40 trips are valid for two years from date of purchase, while travel pass 12 trips person is valid for six months from date of purchase.

    To get an expired travel pass refunded, you must contact AtB Service centre within 104 days of your last trip.

    If it's been over 104 days since you used your travel pass, it will be deleted from your travel card (t: card) along with any unused travels. This is in accordance with the "Privacy Policy and Information Security in Electronic ticketing" and the Personal Data Act section 7.4.

Single tickets purchased on board and disposable travel cards 24-hour ticket are non-refundable.

Disposable travel card with 10 trips is no longer available from 01.01.2018. These cards are valid for two years from they are issued and will be deleted automatically on the expiration date.
The remaining trips can therefore only be refunded if the card is still valid.

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