Information to schools

Here you will find information about school transport, routines and irregularities.

Administration for school transport

Schools send AtB updated class schedules before the start of each school year, allowing us to set up a transport plan based upon students needs.


See routines for school transport and contact information for your inquiries.

  • Routine manual for school transport

    Read the Routine manual for school transport (pdf)  (228KB)for what you need to know about school about school transport.


    Below you will find an overview of who to contact with your questions

    AtB -

    • Cert
    • refunds
    • t:card school and spare card
    • invoice basis
    • individually orginazed school transport

    AtB -

    • invoice inquiries
    • postponement of due date

    Trøndelag Municipality

    • approvement and rights for school transport
    • case management for medical and long distance transport

Report irregularities

On behalf of students and guardians, schools will submit forms for reimbursement of ticket purchases or use of personal transport in connection with school transport.

  • The school reports all irregularities

    Only the schools submit irregularities, both experienced by the school and students. It must be submitted to the irregularities portal as soon as possible, so that the operator can follow up and close the case. Once the case is processed, the operator sends a response to the irregularities portal.

    Report irregularity

    Forgot your password

    Have you lost or forgotten your password? Send an e-mail to AtB at


    In the operations portal you will find all irregularities registered throughout the school year, and you can download reports in Excel format for internal use.

Loaner card

In certain situations students with free school transport can be issued a loaner card.

  • Who gets a loaner card

    Loaner card is made of cardboard and is lent to students who have been granted the right to free school transport. It only applies when the student:

    • has forgotten their t:card
    • has lost their t:card or it is defective
    • is waiting to recieve the t:card

    Loaner cards must not be used for trips even if under the direction of the school, for example excursions.


    • Fill in all fields on the card
    • Applies only to transport to and from school
    • The card is valid for a maximum of 10 days
    • The student hands the card to the driver on the last day of validity

    New loaner cards

    • Order new loaner cards from
    • Orders must be made before the last card is used. Without a loaner card, the student must pay for the ticket themselves.


  • Who gets a loaner card

    Loaner cards are lent to students who have been granted the right to free school transport only when:

    • the student does not have access to PocketID, for example does not have a mobile phone, while waiting for t:kort school.
    • students who use the train for school transport and are waiting for train tickets in the Entur app.
    Students who have an internship use PocketID. The school must submit a new application in Cert to make it available in the app. Loaner cards must not be used for school trips/excursions, even if these are under the direction of the school.


    • Distributed cards are registered in a separate list (excel-file (XLSX, 17KB)). Send the list to to order new cards.
    • The loaner cards have 10 pre-filled journeys.
    • Applies only to transport to and from school.
    • The student returns the card to the school after use.
    • If a loaner card is destroyed or lost, it must be reported to as soon as possible.
    • The school's loaner card is registered in Cert, and is updated at the beginning of each school year.

Refund of transport expenses

On behalf of students and guardians, schools will submit forms for reimbursement of ticket purchases or use of private transport in regards to travelling to and from school.