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Student in Trondheim?

Are you a student and 34 or younger? Find information about student discounts, AtB’s apps and everything you need to know as a student using public transport in Trondheim and Trøndelag.

Be considerate 

We adhere to the National Institute of Health's recommendations and orders, and encourage our travelers to do the same, and be a considerate to your fellow passengers and the drivers:

  •      Practice social distancing, make sure to keep a safe distance to other passengers
  •      Do not board if you see that the place is cramped, wait for the next bus
  •      If you have been in contact with the infection or are ill, do not use public transport
  •      Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly
  •      Walk or use a bike if you can
  •      Travel outside rush hour if you can

MORE: Guidelines and measures

Plan your trip

Find travel information with AtB's travelplanner and in the app AtB Reise. With the app AtB Reise you can plan your journey and find departures from stops in real-time. You can also add favorites, see what routes serve your stop and get an overview using map and text search.

Going to IKEA to get your new home ready? The closest stops are Gartnerhallen and Travbanen.


Buy ticket

Periodic ticket pays off

As a student you get a 40% discount on periodic tickets. If you travel more than 13 times a month in one zone, you should buy periodic tickets over single tickets. You can purchase the periodic ticket in the app AtB Mobillett or for the travel card t:card.

AtB Mobillett

With the AtB Mobillett app, you can buy periodic tickets for 30, 60, 90 or 180 days, which is valid from the moment you complete the purchase. Pay with Vipps, bank card, AtB Mobillett account or telephone bill. With the AtB Mobillett account, you can top up money and manage your information, and several phones can be linked to the same account.

In the metro buses, you can charge your phone via USB ports so that you always have access to your active tickets. Remember that you must always be able to show a valid ticket and proof og entitlement in a ticket inspectiong, and that the ticket must be valid when you board

Travel card t:card

Travel card t:card is an electronic travel card where you can purchase periodic tickets for between 30 and 180 days. Order your t:card for free in the mail or buy one for NOK 50 at AtB service center.

The travel card t:card can be topped up in our webshop. Remember that you must validate the t:card on a validator for the ticket to be uploaded to the t: card, so that you have a valid ticket.

Prepurchased tickets from metro stations

If you travel from a metro station, you must buy a ticket before boarding, regardless of whether you travel from there by metro bus or city bus. By avoiding purchases on board, the journey becomes efficient and more predictable for you as a passenger.

Go right on board with a valid ticket

With a valid ticket you can board the green city buses and tram in the Trondheim area without validating the ticket.


Always travel with a valid student certificate

If you are traveling with a student discount, you must always bring a valid student ID. If you do not have a valid student ID during ticket inspection, you will receive an additional fee.


Please don't hesitate to contact our service center.

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