Student in Trondheim?

Are you a student and 34 years or younger? Here you will find information about student discounts, night bus, AtB’s apps and everything you need to know as a student using public transport in Trondheim and Trøndelag.

Periodic ticket

As a student you get a 40% discount on periodic tickets. If you travel more than 13 times a month in one zone, you should buy periodic tickets over single tickets. You can purchase the periodic ticket in the app AtB Mobillett or by topping up the travel card t:card.

Night bus is also included in periodic tickets for students.

AtB Mobillett

With the AtB Mobillett app, you can purchase periodic tickets valid from the moment of purchase.

You can also manage your personal information via the AtB Mobillett account, where several phones can be linked to the same account.

From August 3rd, it will also be possible to charge your phone via USB-ports in the metrobuses to always have access to your active tickets.

Travel card t:card

Travel card t:card is an electronic travel card where you can purchase periodic tickets for between 30 and 180 days. In addition to pre-defined periodic lengths, you can also select a period of time between 30 and 180 days. Order your t:card for free in the mail or buy one for NOK 50 at AtB service center.

AtB Reise

With the travel app you can plan your journey and find departures from stops in real-time You can also add favorites, see what routes serve your stop and get an overview using map and text search.

Open ticketing from August 3th

Purchase and use of ticket

With the new public transport system in the Trondheim area from August 3rd, we introduce open ticketing on the green city buses. This means you can board the bus with a valid ticket and find your place without registering the ticket.

You can buy tickets as easily as today, in the app AtB Mobillett, with the travel card t:card, at ticket machines and at retailers.

Pre-purchased ticket from metro station

If you are traveling from a metro stration, you must purchase a ticket before boarding, regardless of whether you are traveling with a metro or city bus. By avoiding onboard purchases, the journey along the metrolines becomes more efficient and predictable for you as a passenger.

If you have an active periodic ticket or buy a single ticket with AtB Mobillett, at a ticket machine or at a retailer, you can board without registering the ticket.

How to travel with the travel card t:card from August 3th

t:card periodic ticket: If you have a brand new periodic ticket, the card must be registered at a metro station or aboard city buses to activate the ticket. If you have an active ticket, you can board without registering the ticket.

t:card auto travel: The card must be registered on board city buses or at a metro station on each journey.

You are solely responsible for carrying a valid ticket. Passengers who fail to produce a valid ticket during an inspection will receive a fine.

Always travel with a valid student certificate

If you are traveling with a student discount, you must always bring a valid student ID. If you do not have a valid student ID during ticket inspection, you will receive an additional fee.

Night bus

Our night buses will largely run the same as today on the August 3rd, but will get new line numbers. Find timetables for the night bus.

Night bus is included in the periodic tickets for students.


Please don't hesitate to contact our service center.

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