Periodic ticket on boat

Those who travel with a t:card on a passenger boat or ferry can travel and top up a t:card as before and will not use the new webshop yet. We will come back with more information on when you can use it.

Transfer to and from bus

If you travel by bus in connection with your boat trip, you will not be able to validate your t:card on board the bus from August 7th. During this period, you must present a receipt for the purchase. Print a receipt from the webshop or bring a receipt from on board and show it to the driver. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause during this period.

Have you tried the app AtB Mobillett?

With the app AtB Mobillett you can easily show the ticket both on board the bus and on the boat.

Buy periodic tickets in the following:

  • 800/805 Trondheim - Brekstad - Kristiansund
  • 810 Trondheim - Vanvikan
  • 820/825 Dyrøy - Øyrekken
  • 830 Sandviksberget - Sætervika - Sandviksberget
  • 835 Sandviksberget - Skjærvøy - Sandviksberget
  • Levanger - Hokstad