Available tickets

Available periodic tickets in the new webshop:

  • 7-day ticket for bus and tram
  • 30-day ticket for bus and tram
  • 60-day ticket for bus and tram
  • 90-day ticket for bus and tram
  • 180-day ticket for bus and tram
  • Punch cards - 10 single tickets for bus and tram

More tickets are coming:

  • Selecting a period of time between 30 and 180 days
  • Selecting how many single tickets you want in your punch card
  • Solution where you can buy and manage tickets on behalf of others
  • Youth ticket
  • Tickets for boat and ferry
  • Move your tickets between t:card and app

Youth ticket can in the meantime be purchased in the app AtB Mobillett.

The punch card replaces the value of t:card

Are you used to refilling an amount to complete several single trips? It is replaced with the purchase of punch cards - 10 single tickets purchased at once. 

Ticket refund

If you have a value left on your t:card that you have not used up before you switch to using the new webshop, we will refund it. Submit application for refund.

MORE: Ticket refund