Our mobile ticketing solution is called Mobillett

Download the Mobillett app for Android or iPhone.

Single tickets and periodic tickets

Mobillett allows you to buy both periodic ticket (valid on bus / tram - no trains) and single ticket on your mobile in zone Stor-Trondheim*. You can also buy single tickets on selected routes outside zone Stor-Trondheim.

In addition to single tickets, has Mobillett following ticket products in zone Stor-Trondheim; 24 hours, 72 hours, 7 days and 30 days. Information about fares.

How to buy Mobillett using Smartphones

  • Download «AtB Mobillett» in the App store for iPhone or Google play for Android.
  • Set up the application by following the instructions in the app.
  • Purchase the Mobillett before the bus/tram arrives so that it is ready when boarding.
  • The app displays an animation that clearly indicates how long the ticket is valid.
  • Be sure to have sufficient internet connection and battery while buying and using the ticket.

Mobile Account

The cheapest ticket option for Mobillett is to create a Mobile Account. You will get a 20% discount on single fare tickets for your chosen category, VOKSEN (adult) / BARN (child) / HONNØR (senior).

We encourage you to create a Mobile Account with us. Mobile Account is in simple terms an electronic wallet that you can top-up with money and use to purchase discounted single fare tickets.

Important information about Mobillett

  • Always purchase the Mobillett before the bus/tram arrives at your stop, so that it is ready to use when you board the bus/tram.
  • Please note; Mobillett is valid for 1 hour and 30 minutes from the time of purchase.
  • Mobillett is valid on Gråkallbanen (the tram) and AtB’s buses.
  •  It is not possible to use the Mobillett as a deduction for a new ticket when transitioning onto another bus company’s bus.
  • When ticket inspection, the inspector will verify that the ticket is an active ticket and not a screen capture (screenshot) . The inspector will also scan the ticket's "QR Code" or enter the ticket's reference code, to verify the ticket to the ticket system. Remember that when you are traveling with a discounted ticket must present valid evidence confirming your right to discount.
  • Mobile Account - SMS: If you have coverage on the Mobile account, this will be charged automatically. In case of non-coverage, your telephone will be charged. Please note that some mobile subscriptions may be blocked for content services such as sending/ receiving SMS from special numbers. Contact your mobile operator if you experience any problems with this.


  • You always have a ticket available, even when you do not have cash with you.
  • SMS (in zone Stor-Trondheim – You always have a «positive balance»).
  • It is possible for anyone to travel at any time and simply be deducted from their cell phone bill (does not apply to Telenor’s prepaid cards)
  • Mobile Account can be topped-up via the Internet or your cell phone, VISA/MasterCard or Internet banking. Log in to Mobile Account.
  • You always have access to your balance with a Mobile Account
  • Automatic notification when the balance reaches below 50 NOK.

Mobillett in zone Stor-Trondheim

*Zone Stor-Trondheim include:

  • All of Trondheim and Klæbu
  • Hommelvik until Muruvik
  • Børsa until Lundan and Børskrysset (E39),
  • Melhus until Ler,  Selbu until Buås
  • Skaun until Eidsli and Eggkleiva
  • Korsvegen until Sandvika.

Mobillett in the Trondheim regions

You can also buy single ticket with Mobillett from Trondheim to Orkanger / Fannrem, Stjørdal and Støren.

Trondheim region:

  • Stjørdal - from Fosslia Fjellhall and Leren
  • Fannrem/Orkanger - from Fannrem towards Orkanger, Reitan towards Agdenes. Stops at FV 714 is not included.
  • Støren - from the stops, Størenhallen
  • Hommelvik - applies to bus stops located along the E6 and FV 950


Questions regarding refunds, please contact us at AtB service center.





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