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Buy your ticket on the go with the app AtB Mobillett. 

With the AtB Mobillett app you can buy tickets to travel with bus, tram, boat, ferry and train in Trøndelag. The ticket is only valdid on the phone it was purchased with and a screenshot is not valid.

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Choose method of payment. Buy single or periodic ticket.


Make sure you have a valid ticket before boarding. The ticket must be bought with the travelers phone.

  • With a periodic ticket or a single ticket valid only in zone A or with Youth ticket you can also travel with local train between Lundamo and Skatval. Does not apply to dog or bike.  

    Single ticket 

    To travel with bus, tram or train in sone A you must have an single ticket valid for sone A. 

    Does your journey start or end outside sone A? 

    If your bus journey starts or ends outside zone A, you must buy your ticket from AtB, and if your train journey starts or ends outside zone A, you must buy your single ticket from SJ NORD or Entur. 

    Periodic ticket 

    With a period ticket you can, for example, travel by train between Skatval and Lundamo. Show your ticket to the conductor on board at ticket control. 

    Does your journey start or end in sone A? 

    For example, if you travel by train from Trondheim (zone A) to Levanger (zone C6) and have a period ticket for zone A, you can buy a single ticket via SJ NORD or Entur for the part of the journey that is outside zone A. 

    Does your journey start or end outside sone A? 

    If you are traveling from, for example, Levanger (zone C6) to Trondheim (zone A), you buy a period ticket via SJ NORD or Entur.

  • Single ticket

    • For bus, tram, passenger boat and ferry* in Trøndelag.
    • For night bus and night tram.

    Periodic ticket

    • 24 hours for travels with bus or tram in one zone.
    • 7, 30, 60, 90 and 180 days for bus and tram i Trøndelag. 7 days is not available for students. With periodic ticket for youth, senior or student you can also travel with night bus or night tram.
    • Youth ticket for travel with bus, tram and boat in Trøndelag.
    • Miljøbillett for travel with city buses in Namsos, Steinkjer, Verdal, Levanger and Stjørdal.
    • 7, 30, 60, 90 and 180 days for the following connections:

    Rute 800/805 and 810 

    • Trondheim - Brekstad
    • Trondheim - Lensvik
    • Trondheim - Hasselvika
    • Lensvik - Hasselvika
    • Lensvik - Brekstad
    • Hasselvika - Brekstad
    • Kristiansund - Edøy
    • Trondheim - Vanvikan

    Rute 820/825

    • Dyrøy - Mausund
    • Dyrøy - Bogøyvær
    • Dyrøy - Sula
    • Mausund - Bogøyvær
    • Mausund - Sula
    • Bogøyvær - Sula

    Rute 830/835

    • Sandviksberget - Skjærvøy
    • Sandviksberget - Sætervika
    • Sætervika - Skjærvøy

    To buy a ticket, start by choosing whether you are travelling by bus, passenger boat or ferry. Then select zones if you are going to travel by bus, or by port if you are travelling by passenger boat or ferry.

    *Not route 870 Brekstad - Valset og 880 Flakk - Rørvik.


    Choose method of payment in the app. Pay with phone bill, Vipps, debit card, AtB Mobillett account or debit card. Everything is easily managed in the app.

  • Buy your ticket well in advance so that it is ready upon boarding, and make sure your phone is sufficiently charged.

    You do not need to show the ticket on the green city buses and trams in the Trondheim area. Outside the Trondheim area, present your ticket to the crew or driver when you board.

    How long the ticket is valid

    The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.

    Single tickets for bus and tram are valid for one hour and 30 minutes for one zone. Tickets for two zones are valid for two hours. Tickets for three or more zones are valid for at least four hours and 30 minutes. If you buy a ticket for zone A after 18 pm on weekdays or all of Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, it is valid for three hours.

    Single tickets are valid for four hours for passenger boat and ferry.

    Where the ticket is valid

    AtB Mobillett is only valid on buses and trams that are part of the public transport in Trøndelag, and on the boat routes 800/805, 810, 820/825, 830/835 and 980 and all ferries except 870 and 880. The tickets are not valid on routes from airport bus or other commercial routes.

See terms for AtB Mobillett.

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