Primary school

Who gets a loaner card

Loaner card is made of cardboard and is lent to students who have been granted the right to free school transport. It only applies when the student:

  • has forgotten their t:card
  • has lost their t:card or it is defective
  • is waiting to recieve the t:card

Loaner cards must not be used for trips even if under the direction of the school, for example excursions.


  • Fill in all fields on the card
  • Applies only to transport to and from school
  • The card is valid for a maximum of 10 days
  • The student hands the card to the driver on the last day of validity

New loaner cards

  • Order new loaner cards from
  • Orders must be made before the last card is used. Without a loaner card, the student must pay for the ticket themselves.