High school

Who gets a loaner card

Loaner cards are lent to students who have been granted the right to free school transport only when:

  • the student does not have access to PocketID, for example does not have a mobile phone, while waiting for t:kort school.
  • students who use the train for school transport and are waiting for train tickets in the Entur app.
Students who have an internship use PocketID. The school must submit a new application in Cert to make it available in the app. Loaner cards must not be used for school trips/excursions, even if these are under the direction of the school.


  • Distributed cards are registered in a separate list (excel-file (XLSX, 17KB)). Send the list to skole@atb.no to order new cards.
  • The loaner cards have 10 pre-filled journeys.
  • Applies only to transport to and from school.
  • The student returns the card to the school after use.
  • If a loaner card is destroyed or lost, it must be reported to skole@atb.no as soon as possible.
  • The school's loaner card is registered in Cert, and is updated at the beginning of each school year.