Terms and conditions for t:card

Terms and conditions for the purchase and use of t:cards (henceforth «agreement»)

Version 2018-12-10

1. General terms

1.1. AtB is the provider of t:cards. The agreement gives the customer the right to utilize a t:card as a ticket carrier in all ticketing systems in Trøndelag based on t:cards, as well as other electronic ticketing systems that accept t:cards as ticket carriers.

1.2. The customer is responsible to keep him/herself updated about ticketing systems associated with the agreement, as well as fares and discount guidelines that apply to the use of t:cards at any time. Information can be found on ww.atb.no or by contacting AtB customer service.

2. Duration and termination

2.1. The agreement is valid from the date the customer receives the t:card or has accepted the agreement on the internet.

2.2. The customer has the right to terminate the agreement with AtB at any time, either in written form or by delivering the t:card to AtB. AtB will then deactivate the t:card as soon as any remaining value on the t:card has been registered.

2.3. AtB has the right to terminate the agreement if the customer substantially breaches the obligations following this agreement.

2.4. The agreement is automatically terminated if AtB ceases operations. This does not apply to company changes due to merger or demerger, reorganization, new owners etc.

2.5. In case of termination, the remaining value on the t:card will be transferred to the customers bank account.

3. Storage and transfer of the t:card

3.1. The customer is bound to store the t:card in a safe way and is not allowed to change or try to change the data on the t:card.

4. Information about t:cards – blocking of t:cards

4.1. AtB is obliged to keep all necessary information regarding the use of t:cards and products associated with t:cards updated on www.atb.no.

4.2. When a customer reports a registered t:card stolen or lost, AtB is obliged to block the t:card immediately. The customer is not responsible for the use of a t:card that has been reported stolen or lost. Please contact AtB customer service to report a t:card as stolen or lost so that it can be blocked.

5. Remaining value in lost and unclaimed t:cards

5.1. AtB can collect remaining values from lost t:cards which is not retrieved by the customer. Revenue can only be made if 6 months have passed since AtB received the unclaimed t:card and the owner has not claimed the t:card, or it has been 6 months since AtB contacted the owner and owner still has not retrieved the t:card.

5.2. AtB is obliged to contact owners of the lost t:card that has been delivered to AtBs customer service. The duty applies only to the extent that the t:card is registered with the customers contact information. The duty is deemed to be fulfilled regardless of whether AtB reaches contact with the owner.

6. Changes to the agreement

6.1. AtB can change or revise the agreement without prior notice. The prevailing agreement is to be found on www.atb.no at any time. Major changes shall be announced on www.atb.no.