Terms and conditions for AtB webshop

Product information and prices

Product information

The products sold in this webshop are electronic travel documents. The electronic travel documents are connected to a t:card (t:kort) and will be activated as soon as the t:kort connects with a reader which has been updated with information about your purchase. It is necessary to be in possession of a t:card in order to use the webshop.

You can buy a periodic ticket for a bus by choosing which zones to travel in. You can also buy predefined periodic tickets for some boat trips.

In addition, it is possible to top up the t:card with an amount in the range of between NOK 200 – 5000 per transaction. This value can later be used to purchase single tickets or auto fares.


All prices are given in Norwegian currency (NOK) and will show both inclusive and exclusive VAT. Total cost of purchase will appear before booking.

The prices are set in accordance with the current tariff regulations. The county of Sør-Trøndelag is the tariff authority in charge, and prices will be changed relative to modifications in tariff regulations. 

Terms of purchase and delivery

Handling of orders 

All orders are processed automatically by the ticket system. After completion of purchase your order will be ready for distribution to the ticket machines.


Distribution of the order to the ticket machines takes place once a day, starting at 04:30 a.m. A purchase will normally be available the following day. The order is added to the t:card when the card is in contact with a ticket machine. 

The order is considered delivered as soon as it is added to the t:card. If the order is not collected and added to the t:card within 6 months after completion of purchase, the order will be deleted.


Payment is made through the webshop.

The payment is processed by PayEx, which provides secure electronic payment for Visa and MasterCard / Eurocard. All card information is stored according to the card company regulations, and will not be stored in the webshop.

Return Policy

For periodic products, customers have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days from delivery, ie when the product has been added to the t:card . Right of cancellation ceases when the product is used. Unless there are other products on the t:card , this will happen immediately when the product is added to the card.

On topping up the value of the t:card , customers will not have the right to cancel. 

To invoke your right to cancel, you must notify AtB within the deadline. To refund the purchase, the buyer must meet up at one of the AtB Customer Service offices bringing the t:card from which they need to refund the product. 

Ticket refund

Find out how to proceed to apply for a refund and what documentation you must submit to an application.


In case of a faulty product, written notice must be given (e-mail or letter) within a reasonable time after discovery of defect. Information will be given as to what to do next. The rules pertaining to claims can be found in the Act on Consumer Purchase.


Reservations are made for any misinformation about prices or goods / services on the page.

Instances may occur when ticket machines are not updated with the latest product purchases.

Conditions beyond the control of AtB, such as third party errors in the transmission of data or transactions, can affect the delivery of the order. Information about situations of which AtB is made aware will be given via www.atb.no

Contact Information

By e-mail: atb@atb.no
By mail: AtB AS, Kongens gate 34, 7012 Trondheim
Customer Service Centre: Kongens gate 34

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

We are at your service and wish you a successful purchase!