AtB Mobillett

Terms and conditions

As a passenger using Mobillett, you are responsible to:

  • Have sufficient internet connection while buying tickets and travel passes to ensure that the transactions can be fully completed. Mobile data must be enabled in case of inspection, so that the ticket and the reference code can be presented upon request.
  • Have a valid ticket before boarding.
  • Ensure the mobile phone works properly, the screen is readable and the battery has enough power to present a valid ticket during the whole trip. If you cannot provide a valid ticket upon inspection, you will be considered as travelling without a ticket.

If you have bought a ticket for others with your mobile phone, you are in possession of the tickets. Your mobile phone must be accessible for all travellers during the whole trip. Deinstallation of the application will delete the tickets. We advise you to avoid deinstallation when you have bought single tickets that still are valid. In case of deinstallation, you will not be able to provide valid single tickets.

AtBs transport regulations apply at any time during travel.


There are three different payment options in Mobillett:

  • Mobillett prepaid account, topped up with VISA/Mastercard or online banking
  • Credit card (VISA/Mastercard)
  • Phone bill


All transactions where payment cards (VISA/Mastercard) are used will be processed by DIBS. DIBS supplies payment, card and information solutions in the Nordic countries, and it has a secure electronic payment solution. DIBS ensure that all card information is stored securely and in accordance with the card companies’ rules. No information about the payment card will be stored in the application or with AtB.

Mobillett prepaid account

You can top up your account with an amount of money to buy tickets for. The balance cannot be lower than the cost of the tickets you want to buy. If the balance is below the ticket price, the transaction will automatically be charged on your phone bill.

  • You get a 20% discount on single tickets. Does not apply to passenger boat.
  • You can pay periodic tickets.
  • Multiple users can be connected to one Mobillett account.

The terms and conditions for Mobillett account must be accepted before creating an account.

Connected users

It is possible to connect multiple users to one Mobillett account. This is a good solution for families. Connected users (i.e. children) will be able to pay for their tickets by charging the Mobillett account of the main user.

Terms and conditions for Mobillett account

In general:

    1. This is an agreement between AtB AS as a provider of Mobillett account and the customer entering an agreement about Mobillett account.

    2. In addition to terms and conditions for the use of Mobillett account, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of Mobillett.

    3. The customer is responsible to stay updated on which products can be bought through SMS and application. Products, prices and conditions in force can be found at


    4. The agreement entitles the customer to use Mobillett account as payment option for the products available through Mobillett at any time.

    5. The agreement entitles AtB to charge the customers Mobillett account for the price of the products the customer buys through SMS or application.

   6. To be able to charge Mobillett account for purchases, the balance must be higher than 0,- and at least equal to the purchase price. If the balance is below the purchase price, the transaction will instead automatically be charged on the customer’s phone bill.

Duration and termination of agreement:

    7. The agreement is valid as soon as the customer agrees to these conditions.

    8. The customer can at any time withdraw from the agreement with AtB by written notice.

    9. AtB can terminate the customer agreement in cases where AtB is no longer providing the product, changes the product significantly or the agreement is no longer suitable for other reasons

Mobile account Refunds:

    10. To be able to refund the balance on a Mobillett account, the customer must provide valid ID as proof of being the rightful owner of the Mobillett account.

    11. Valid reasons for refunds are illness, death, moving, change in travel habits due to work, or errors while buying/topping up the balance of Mobillett account. The circumstances have to be documented as far as possible.

    12. Refunds will only be made through our bank and usually to the bank account of origin if no other bank account number is provided. In every case, a refund form must be filled out by the customer.

    13. Refunds are made through attendance in one of AtB’s service centers.

Credit cards

If you choose to pay by credit card, the price of the chosen ticket will be directly charged on your card (VISA/Mastercard).

Phone bill

If you choose to pay by phone bill, the price of all your purchased tickets will be added to your phone bill.

Privacy Policy Agreement

The Privacy Policy Agreement explains how AtB collects and processes personal data from their customers and/or users of the public transporrt Personal data is defined as any data about an identified or identifiable physical person, in this case the customer, according to article 4 of the data protection regulation. 

The agreement satisfies the requirements in Norway as of August 1st 2018 in accordance to the data protection regulation (GDPR) and industry norm for the processing of personal data in regards to electronic ticketing. In addition you will find information about how you can access personal data AtB has collected about you and how you can proceed if you want us to correct or delete your information.

Link to Privacy Policy Agreement (pdf) (297KB)