Single ticket

Top up your t:card with travel money to purchase single tickets.

Traveling in the Trondheim area

If you are traveling from a metro station, you must have an auto travel to buy a single ticket. Note that you can only buy one ticket. If you are more people traveling together, you must either buy a ticket with AtB Mobillett, SMS or ticket machine.

Travel efficiently

If you usually travel in the same zones, you can add an auto travel for the correct zone and passenger category. The ticket will automatically be deducted from the balance in the card when you use it on board. If you do not want the ticket automatically, you must hand the card to the driver or crew and request the ticket you wish to buy (not at metrostations). Once you have an auto travel in your t:card, it is valid for five years before it has to be added again.

Let others use your card

You can lend the card to anyone as long as they meet the requirements for the passenger category you have entered in the auto travel. If you want to lend the card to someone in another passenger category, ask the driver or crew to withdraw the ticket they want.