Registering t:card in the Trondheim area

With open ticketing in the Trondheim area, you do not have to register your t:card when boarding the green city buses and tram in Trondheim.

Make sure you have a valid ticket

  • If you use periodic ticket on t:card, you must register your t:card when you have a brand new periodic ticket to start it up after the old one has expired.
  • If you use the t:card with auto travel value to buy single tickets, you must register your t:card on each trip so that a ticket is charged. 

If you are traveling from a metro station, you will find a card reader for registering t:cards at the station. In the metro route, the card must be registered on the card reader before you travel, whether you travel with metro bus or city bus. Outside the metro routes, you register the t:card on the card reader on board at the front entrance.

Overview of card readers at the bus stop

See placement of card readers at stops and in the map below.

Red = stop/station that is getting a card reader
Green = stop/station that has a card reader