Travel further for the same price

Ticket zone A is extended to apply to the entire Stjørdal and Melhus municipality. Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik and Stjørdal gets equal price on period tickets for buses, trams and trains. Even more reasons to travel by public transport!

The extension of zone A applies to all travelers, whether you are an adult, child, senior, youth, student or military (not dogs og bikes), and regardless of whether you tend to buy season tickets or single tickets for buses via AtB.

For travel by train, you can currently only use AtB's season ticket. Efforts are being made to put in place single tickets.

New zone A

With a season ticket in zone A, you travel as much as you want between Stjørdal, Lundamo and Børsa. This is good news for you who travel by bus, tram and train.

Find out how far you can travel on one and the same ticket in the zone map from 4 October (pdf) (PNG, 54KB).

How to use a season ticket on the train

With a season ticket in the app AtB Mobillett or on the travel card t: kort, you can e.g. travel by train between Skatval and Lundamo. Show your ticket to the conductor on board at ticket control. Eventually, you can also use single tickets from AtB on the train journey. We will keep you updated as soon as we know when this will be in place.

Does or does the train journey start or end outside zone A?

Do you travel from e.g. Levanger (zone C6) to Trondheim (zone A), you buy a ticket via SJ NORD.

Bought a season ticket from AtB before October 4th?

You can apply for a refund if you have purchased a season ticket before the adjustment of zone A on October 4th. Fill out the ticket refund form and submit.

If you have a valid season ticket from SJ NORD, you can apply to have parts of the ticket refunded. Contact customer service at SJ NORD.

Do you have any questions?

Here we have collected frequently asked questions and answers.