Plan your trip

Find your holiday destinations at Here are several examples of how you can travel with AtB Summer pass while experiencing the unique food and cultural experiences, accommodation and activities for the whole family.

Route information
To plan your trip you can use AtB's travel planner, which is available in AtB's app and on
Route information for bus, tram, boat and ferry can be found in AtB's app or at
Route information for trains is available at


You can bring easy-to-carry items (hand luggage) on board when this do not prevent other travelers. Read more about what you can bring on board the bus, tram and boat.
For travel with SJ NORD's trains, separate guidelines and rules for luggage apply. Read more about what you can bring on board trains.

No seat reservation

There is no seat reservation with AtB Summer pass either on bus, tram, boat, ferry or train. During the joint holiday, some areas and departures may experience a larger flow of travelers. We thank all travelers for showing consideration and following AtB's travel advice.

Operating deviations

If major deviations occur that affect the route offer, information is provided on this at and on for deviations on trains.