All in one app

Plan your trip and buy a ticket for bus, tram and on-demandtransport in the same app.

Ticket purchase

Buy tickets for bus, tram and on-demand transport throughout Trøndelag. Choose between:

  • Single ticket
  • 24-hour ticket
  • 7 -day ticket
  • 30-day ticket
  • 60-day ticket
  • 90-day ticket
  • 180-day ticket

More tickets coming

Eventually you can buy all tickets in the AtB app. Until then, you buy tickets for passenger boat, ferry and youth ticket in AtB Mobillett.

If you use the AtB Mobillett app, we recommend that you finish the tickets you already have before buying new ones in the AtB app.

Get started!

Download the app AtB

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Find trip

Search from address, stop or position in map.

Buy ticket

Pay with Vipps or payment card.

We are upgrading!

AtB are gradually upgrading to a new customer portal for travel and real-time information, and ticket purchases. We are in the process of gathering the various services and making it easier for you as a customer. The goal is for you to find everything you need to plan your journey and buy a ticket in one and the same app.

MORE: We are upgrading