Travel card t:card

Order t:card

Order t:card for free in the mail. You can also get your t:card by visiting AtB service center.

Top up t:card

Top up and pay in webshop for t:card or at AtB service center. You will always find the webshop at the top right.

Fyll på og betal i nettbutikk for t:kort, på AtB kundesenter eller hos sjåfør eller mannskap i områder som ikke dekkes av nettbutikk. 


Make sure you have a valid ticket.

We are upgradring

A new and more user-friendly webshop for t:card is available at For a period of time, both the current and the new webshop will be available. You will easily see which one to use based on how you travel, and you use your existing t:card in the new webshop.

Read about what it means for you.

How to make sure the ticket is valid

Remember that you are responsible for having a valid ticket when you travel.

  • If you have a periodic ticket, it will start on the date you chose when you bought the ticket.
  • If you have a punch card (bus and tram) or auto travel value (boat), you must validate the t:card at each trip so that a ticket is drawn.

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