Zone D

Zone D mainly consists of Flatanger, Namsos, Overhalla, Grong, Høylandet and Snåsa.

Overview of last stops in the zone

  • Fv715 to zone C1: Meungen
  • Fv17 to zone C6: Morkabrekka
  • E6 to zone C6: Hammeraunan
  • Fv763 to zone C6: Strindmoen
  • E6 to zone E1: Fjæringen
  • Fv74 to zone E1: Godejord
  • Fv769 to zone E2: Lund fergekai
  • Fv776 to zone E2: Straumen Tverrlandet
  • Fv17 to zone E2: Laukholm