t:card school

For all students

t:card school can be used by primary school students and in some cases high school student. The card is used as long as the student is entitled to free school transport.

Terms and conditions

  • Can only be used by the student with free school transport.
  • Applies to two trips per school day for the approved distance.
  • Only valid on school days, not on school holidays.
  • Does not apply to flexible transport.

Forgotten or lost t:card

Students in primary school

The student can take the bus to school without paying. Notify the school to borrow a loaner card for the trip home or until you get a new t:card. students from and including 5th grade may receive a fee of up to 150 kr if a new t:card must be ordered.

High school students

If you forget your t:card, you must buy a ticket to and from school. If it is lost, you must order a new t:card from the school. You must buy tickets until the new t:card arrives, or use the PocketID app as a travel certificate.

Broken t:card

If the card does not work on the ticket machine on board the bus, the student must contact their school. The school orders a new t:card, and the student gets to borrow a loaner card that is used to and from school in the meantime.

Students who move

If the student changes addresses, the school submits a new application for free school transport. The student continues to use the same t:card while the application is being processed, until it is eventually approved.