Ticket inspection for students

Ticket inspections are carried out on all lines in Trøndelag, including school lines. It is therefore important that for all student to have a valid travel certificate while travelling.

Travelling to and from school

The student must enter the front door of the bus and show their travel certificate to the driver. The travel certifictae for free school transport only applies to the student themselves between home and school, and can not be lent to others.

  • t:card school must be read on the card reader next to the driver.
  • PocketID must be activated before every trip and shown to the driver.
  • See other ticket options.
  • Students in primary school who have forgotten their t:card, must tell the driver and are allowed to travel with the bus. The student can borrow a loan card from their school for the trip home.

Ticket inspection on school lines

Ticket inspections must be carried out in a way that feels safe and instructive for the students. The security services providers Avarn and Securitas carry out ticket inspections on behalf of AtB.

  • AtB has a dialogue with the school and the municipality ahead of ticket inspections on school lines. The inspection can take place at the school upon boarding or during the trip.

    • Inspections at primary schools are carried out in civilian clothes
    • The students show their travel certificate to the inspector.
    • If the student do not have a valid travel certificate, they will be asked for their name and personal details so that the inspector can check whether the student is entitled to free school transport.
  • Forgotten travel certificate

    If students in primary school have been unlucky and forgot their t:card at home, the student tells the driver and can take the bus to school without paying. The student contacts the school to borrow a spare card for the journey home. High school students must buy a ticket both ways themselves.

    Missing travel certificate

    Students from the age of 15 must pay a fee if they travel without a valid certificate. An administration fee of NOK 150, will be sent to the student's guardian.

    For other travellers without a valid ticket, a fine will be applied in accordance with the transport regulations.