Create an AtB profile

The first time you log in to the new webshop, you must create a new AtB profile. The profile will take care of all your future tickets and travel preferences.

Create an AtB profile

Choose whether you want to use a mobile number or e-mail.

Enter your mobile number and receive a one-time code by SMS. If you select "I would rather use e-mail", you will receive an e-mail to confirm that you want to log in.

Follow the steps to complete the profile:

  1. Profile information
    The information you fill in here will simplify the use of the online store.

  2. Consent
    You can consent to us contacting you by e-mail with relevant information.

  3. Add t:card
    Use the same t:card that you already have. Enter the t:card number (16 digits).
    You can also add t:cards later under Edit profile in the online store.