Buy a new punch card

How to buy a punch card in the new webshop

  1. Log in to the webshop at
  2. Click Kjøp nytt klippekort (Buy new punch card). A punch card consists of 10 single tickets.
  3. Check that the passenger category is correct.
  4. Make sure the zones you are traveling in are correct. See zone map if you are unsure.
  5. When you are ready to complete the purchase click Gå til oppsummering (Go to summary).
  6. Make sure you have made the right choices in the summary.
  7. Select Vipps, Visa or MasterCard and click Gå til betaling (Go to payment).

When the purchase is completed, the ticket will be visible in your AtB profile. 

You can see how many trips you have left on your punch card when you validate it on a metro station, by signing in to the webshop og calling customer service on 02820.