Group travel by boat

Before the trip

The group leader is responsible for the group and must have control over the travel companions and number of travelers. The group must travel together and consist of at least ten people for you to receive a group discount. 

We recommend booking well in advance, as AtB may require advance payment before travel vouchers and invoices are issued. You will then receive a document by email with order and payment information so that payment can be made. It is important to follow the instructions given in this document for a quick and efficient processing and dispatch of your travel voucher. 

The prepayment is calculated from the last confirmed booking, which is also the basis for the travel voucher and invoice issued after payment is received. 

Booking a travel voucher does not provide a place guarantee. You can book trips by boat until 12:00 p.m. last business day before departure. 

If the group intends to travel by bus, please state this when booking the trip to use the travel voucher when boarding the bus. 

During the trip

Print the travel voucher you received by email so you can submit this to the ticket master. Remember that you must print one copy per departure when the ticket holder collects the voucher. 

The travel voucher does not provide a place guarantee. We encourage groups to show up well in advance of departure - no later than 30 minutes before departure. The travel voucher must be able to be shown throughout the journey. This can be done electronically. 

If the group does not have a valid travel voucher during inspection, it will be considered to travel without a valid ticket. The travel voucher cannot be submitted afterwards. Without a travel voucher when boarding, the group must purchase tickets on site. Travel vouchers that are abused can be withdrawn. 

After the trip

AtB will issue an invoice based upon the latest travel document issued. Consequently, any changes that occur after the deadline for changing or cancelling the last travel document issued will not be credited or taken into account. This also applies if there are fewer who make the trip against what is stated on the travel document. 

Changes in the number of travelers who exceed the number stated on the travel voucher, must resolve tickets for these in the regular way on board. 

Invoice is issued in the currency NOK and with Norwegian value added tax (VAT) in accordance with the current rate of passenger transport at the time of travel. 

The invoice is given a maximum of 15 days payment terms and must be paid no later than the due date. If prepayment has been made, this will be applied to the invoice so that the invoice will not need to be paid upon receipt. 

Change or cancel the trip

You can change or cancel your trip until 12:00 p.m. on the last business day before departure by replying to the email with a travel document. If you are traveling Saturday, Sunday or Monday, changes must be made by Friday at 12:00 p.m. 

If changes or cancellations occur within the set deadline but after the prepayment has been completed, AtB must receive bank information "IBAN, SWIFT, BIC", and the account owner/recipient's name and address to be able to refund a potentially surplus amount. Any bank fees will be charged the customer in full. 

If the changes result in an increased number of travelers according to the calculations for the already completed prepayment, the prepayment will be applied to the final invoice as an installment and the remaining balance of the invoice will need to be paid according to the due date upon receipt of invoice. 


Bestill gruppereise

Departures that cannot be booked for capacity reasons: 

Route 820 og route 825 (Dyrøy - Øyrekka) during the period June, July and August.

Route 800 (Trondheim - Brekstad - Kristiansund) on the following departures:

From Trondheim

  • Monday to Friday at 06:20
  • Monday to Friday at 14:45
  • Friday at 16:30

From Brekstad to Trondheim

  • Monday to Friday at 07.30
  • Monday to Friday at 15.55

From Kristiansund

  • Sunday at 16.15