When does the guarantee not apply?

The travel guarantee does not apply if the next departure is in 20 minutes or less according to the timetable.

The travel guarantee does not apply if the delay or setting is due to circumstances beyond our/carrier's control, such as:

  • Public injunctions and prohibitions, strikes etc.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Extraordinary weather conditions (eg heavy snowfall, flood or exceptionally slippery road).
  • Roadworks or unforeseen traffic related matters.
  • Major events or other traffic conditions that affect public transport to a large extent.

The travel guarantee does not include indirect losses caused by the delay or cancellation, for instance that you arrive late to your dentist appointment, a business meeting, or flight.

Also note that we do not refund taxi or driving allowance to foreign accounts.

The travel guarantee is a national scheme asopted by the Public Transport Association and Transportbedrifteres Landsforening.