MS Mjølner som ligger til kai

Operational Start for MS Mjølner in Trondheimsfjorden

From June 12th, enjoy a better travel experience on route 810 Trondheim - Vanvikan with MS Mjølner. The boat is the first of four fast ferries to be delivered in the Trondheim Fjord.

MS Mjølner is a new catamaran, with capacity for 140 passengers. The boat is 28.2 meters long and 9 meters wide. Compared to todays vessel, MS Trondheimsfjord II, which currently operates the route, MS Mjølner will be slightly longer. 

The schedules remain unchanged, and travel information can be found here.

Green energy

Upgrades are underway at Trondheim express boat terminal, and until this work is completed, MS Mjølner will temporarily use diesel engines. Once the work is finished, the transition to electricity will enhance the travel experience for both crew and passengers. 

The switch to electric operation will seek to reduce CO2 emissions by 100 percent, contributing to a cleaner and quieter journey. 


The work connected to the autonomous battery swap robot SHIFTR is underway, at the Trondheim express boat terminal. 

For the new boats to operate on electricity, the work on the SHIFTR robot must be completed. The robot will swap used batteries with fully charged batteries at the terminal. 

The work is underway and will be completed during 2024.  

New boats in 2024 

MS Mjølner is the first of four express boats delivered by Norled, which will eventually operate on electricity. This is an important contribution to making the fjord greener. 

On route 800 Trondheim – Kristiansund, MS Tyra and MS Vår will enter service, and on route 805 Trondheim – Brekstad, MS Magni will operate the route. 


How will the travel experience with MS Mjølner compare to previous ones?

The travel experience with MS Mjølner will provide less noise, more space for passengers on board, and will be perceived as more comfortable for both passengers and crew.

What type of engine power will be used?

Initially, MS Mjølner will temporarily use diesel engines. Upon completion of the SHIFTR project, the boat is planned to run on electricity.

How will I notice the difference between the old and the new boat? 

Traveling with the new boat will feel more modern, with better sea characteristics than the current boat. It also emits less noise and accommodates travelers with disabilities according to the universal design law.



About MS Mjølner (2024)

  • Length: 28.2 meters
  • Width: 9 meters
  • Passenger capacity: 140 including crew
  • Features a self-service kiosk
  • Equipped with diesel engines, with the option for electric charging