AutoPASS for ferry

Pay with AutoPASS for ferry on the following routes:

  • 870 Brekstad - Valset
  • 880 Flakk - Rørvik
  • 965 Hofles - Geisnes - Lund

Register a payment agreement

Visit AutoPASSferry and register a payment agreement to get a discount.

Pay in advance

With a payment agreement you get a 50% discount on vehicle as a private customers, 40% for vehicle as a corporate customer, 17% on passenger tickets (route 965), and 10% with AutoPASS chip but no agreement (route 870 and 880). 

Drive on board

Method of payment depence on which ferry connection you travel with.

870 Brekstad - Valset

The crew registers your payment by scanning the chip in your front window with a hand held chip reader.

880 Flakk - Rørvik

Automatically prior to boarding. If you do not have a chip, you will be sent an invoice.

965 Hofles - Geisnes - Lund, 985 Seierstad - Ølhammeren

The crew registers your payment by scanning your ferry card with a hand held card reader. You pay for the vehicle including one driver, and passengers.