Individually organized school transport

Individually organized school transport is for students who cannot get to and from school with the ordinary public transport service.

Individually organized school transport (IOS) in practice

Students who need IOS apply and get their application processed in the same way as ordinary school transport. The transport is most often operated by taxi, and in certain situations the students may be carpooled. IOS only applies on school days, not on school holidays.

  • The student is picked up either at home or the agreed place on the way to school. From school, the student meets at the agreed place and is driven home. Pick-up times are set based on the students' schedules.

  • The student does not attend at the agreed time

    The student must provide transport themself and cover the costs. The driver will wait for up to five minutes.

    The operator does not show up at the agreed time

    The operator notifies the guardiens and the school in case of delays or cancellations. In case of cancellation, the operator is responsible for arranging other transport.


    Send an e-mail to Travel guarantee does not apply.


All changes must be ordered through the school or operator. The driver cannot accept requests for changes.


If you want to report an unwanted incident or irregularity, please notify your school.

  • In the event of a irregularity, contact the school, which will send a report. The following information must be included:

    • about the incident
    • time and date
    • which operator you travelled with
    • route number if it is bus or boat