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Periodic ticket

If you travel frequently you should have a periodic ticket. Travel as much as you like in the area you have chosen. If you have a periodic ticket in the category youth, senior or student, you can also travel by night bus. Student only applies for 30 days.

Start the ticket when you want

The ticket starts the first time you register it on a card reader. If you already have a periodic ticket in the card, the new one will be placed on hold. The first time you use the card after the old periodic ticket has expired, the new one will start. On the green city buses in the Trondheim area, you only need to register your ticket when you have a brand new periodic ticket.

Choose duration

With the travel card t:card, you can also select a period of time between 30 and 180 days.

Let others use your ticket

You can lend your t:card with a periodic ticket to anyone who meets the requirements for the passenger category of the ticket in the card.