How to travel

Travel with a periodic ticket on t:card

On green city buses and trams in the Trondheim area, just go on board and take a seat. In case of a ticket inspection, the inspector will see if you have a valid ticket and you will not receive a fee. On regional buses, you board in the front by the driver and validate the t:card on the card reader.

Travel with punch card on t: card

When you validate the t:card on the card reader on board, the driver will see that you have a punch card and start a single ticket. Hold the card against the card reader until the driver confirms that you have a ticket. Keep track of how many single tickets you have left by logging in to the webshop or asking the driver. When you read on the card reader at the metro station, you wait for an audio signal and a picture that shows that the ticket is OK and how many single tickets you have left.