Hand placing a bank card against the card reader

Tapping - a simpler way to buy a ticket

We are testing a new way to buy tickets. Simply tap your bank card against the card reader, and you'll automatically receive a ticket. The pilot project is now live on route 9 (the Tram) and 680.


About the pilot project 

Objective: We aim to learn more about how the tapping solution can simplify the travel days of our customers and how it can streamline on-board ticketing.

Period: From Monday, May 13. The pilot project will conclude during the fall of 2024.

Area: Available for customers traveling on regional route 680 within zone C6, and on route 9 (Tram) between St. Olav gate and Lian in Trondheim.

Tapping with a bank card is a forward-looking solution that simplifies the customer's travel day and will likely streamline on-board ticketing. Customers who travel in other countries where this offer is implemented say that Tapping makes traveling easy and they don't have to deal with different apps, currency, or potentially t:kort. 

What is tapping? 

Normally, you would buy a single ticket from the driver and explain where you are going and that you are traveling as an adult passenger category. Now, you can simply board and tap your bank card on a dedicated card reader to automatically receive a valid ticket. Quick and easy!

Don't worry about tapping your card multiple times. You can only have one active ticket at a time and will never be charged for more tickets than you need. 

Hand placing a bank card against the card reader

Who can participate?

If you are traveling on:

  • Regional route 680 between Steinkjer and Levanger (within zone C6)
  • Buying a single ticket for an adult

And if you are traveling on:

  • Route 9 (the tram) between St. Olavs gate and Lian.
  • Buying a single ticket for an adult 

What do you think?

We greatly appreciate your feedback whether you have just tried tapping or chose not to. The survey takes about 2 minutes. Unfortunatley the survey is only in norwegian. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is My Ticket and do i get a recipt? 

Your ticket is securely stored in connection with your bank card. You do not need a paper ticket from the driver, and you can easily retrieve a receipt from the purchase at atb.no/kvittering if needed.

What happens during a possible ticket inspection?

Give your bank card to the inspector, and they can read the card to see if you have a valid ticket. 

What is the ticket price and how long is it valid? 

The ticket you get after tapping your card is exactly the same as the one you would buy in the app. It costs the same and has the same validity period. Normally, it lasts for 1.5 hours, but the entire day on Saturday and Sunday it lasts for 3 hours, as well as weekdays after 6 PM.

I tapped my card on the tram. Can the ticket only be used on the tram?

No. If you buy a ticket by tapping your card on the tram, the same ticket can be used for transfers to buses in zone A.

Example: You take the tram from Lian to St. Olavs gate and want to get to Lade. Then you can take the bus from Prinsens gate with the same ticket you bought by tapping your card on the tram.