Free ferry from August 16

The ferry between Levanger - Hokstad and Ølhammeren - Seierstad will be free for vehicles and passengers from August 16 2023. Read about how to get refund of pre-purchased tickets.

Free ferry connections

Free ferry rom August 16 applies to the following connections:

  • Route 950 Levanger - Hokstad
  • Route 985 Ølhammeren - Seierstad

Refund Ølhammeren - Seierstad

AutoPASS ferry

If you have an AutoPass agreement for the ferry, you will get a refund if you have money left that you want to be refunded. Apply for a refund at Skyttel AS:

Apply for refund

Refund Levanger - Hokstad

t:card on ferry

If you have tickets or a balance that you will not be able to use, you apply for a refund from AtB:

Apply for refund (PDF, 283KB)