From May, get two hours of car sharing with a periodic ticket in the AtB app

This offer is valid for all Hyre cars. To access it, you need a periodic ticket from AtB for seven days or more in the grey AtB app.

Publisert / endret: 24.01.2024

Car sharing is a superb and affordable option when you need a car for transporting various items, big and small. Rent and borrow a car whenever you need it, simply and easily.

We understand that not all journeys are suitable for the bus, and we encourage car sharing over private car use.

Therefore, starting from May 1st, you will get not just one, but two hours of free use per calendar month of Hyre's cars!

Find Hyre cars in the app

In the AtB app's map, you can locate all available Hyre cars. From May 1st, you will receive 120 minutes of free car sharing with an active 7-, 30-, 60-, 90-, or 180-day ticket in the AtB app.

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You can find Hyre cars for one hour of free use by using the map in the AtB app:

Questions and answers

If you can't find answers to your questions about using Hyre cars with an AtB periodic ticket below, please contact our customer service.

For questions related to Hyre's cars and app, get in touch with Hyre.

Do I need to have a periodic ticket in zone A?

No. Anyone with a periodic ticket, regardless of the zone, whether it's for a boat or a bus, gets one hour of free car sharing.

Are fuel and tolls included?

No. You will still have to pay for fuel and tolls additionally, directly to Hyre. This also applies after the one hour of free car sharing is used up.

Can I rent the car for more than 1 hour?

Yes, from May 1st, two hours of rental are included in your active periodic ticket. You can rent the car for a longer period, but thereafter Hyre's prices will apply. Until May 1st, only the first hour is included in the period ticket.

Where are the cars located?

The Hyre cars are located throughout the entire city of Trondheim and at Trondheim Airport Værnes.

How to do it in 1-2-3

First, you need to have the AtB app and a periodic ticket for seven days or longer in the app.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Hyre car in the AtB app.
  2. Press the «Activate at Hyre» button to open the Hyre app

    Hyre-bilder i kartet i AtB-appen

    The discount code for one hour of free use is automatically activated when you have a periodic ticket in the AtB app.
  3. Then, follow the instructions in the Hyre app.
  4. Now you have 60 minutes of free use of Hyre. Have a nice trip!

About Hyre

Hyre is a car-sharing company established in 2017.

Using the Hyre app, you can reserve, unlock, and pay for rental cars without waiting in line to pick up the vehicle.

Hyre owns and operates its fleet, providing complete control over the customer journey and ensuring safe and reliable access to modern cars.

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