Lost and found

Lost and found

Left something behind? Lost property on our buses, trams and boats are taken care of by our operators in Trøndelag.

If it is possible, the operator will contact owners of lost items. This does not apply to lost travel cards (t:kort). If you lost your travel card, please contact AtB Customer service.

Items of a certain value will be delivered to the police lost and found office after one week. Other items will be stored by the operator for about a month, before donated for charitable purposes.

Route numbers

To find contact information, click on your route number in the overview below. For other operators and routes, please contact the company you travelled with. See our operators.

Bus routes, zone A (ex. Stor-Trondheim)

Bus routes, regions

Bus routes, night bus

  • Kontaktinformasjon Nettbuss:
    ContactOpening hours phoneAddress
    815 22 900
    Monday and Thursday 10.00-14.00Pick up by appointment


  • Kontaktinformasjon Tide Buss:
    415 96 123Pick up by appointment


  • Kontaktinformasjon Boreal:
    ContactOpening hoursAddress
    954 37 658
    Monday - Friday 10.00-14.00Pick up by appointment


Routes, boat

  • Kontaktinformasjon Norled:
    PhoneOpening hours
    MF Ytterøyningen: 916 81 151
    MF Frafjord: 915 53 641
    Follows timetable



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