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Lost and found

Lost and found

Left something behind? Lost property on our buses, tram and boats are taken care of by AtB service center or our operators in Trøndelag.

Note! Information on lost and found in the Trondheim area

AtB's lost and found is closed. Only critical belonging can be collected after an appointment has been made.

About lost and found

If it is possible, the operator will contact owners of lost items. This does not apply to lost travel cards (t:kort). If you lost your travel card, please contact AtB service center.

Items of a certain value will be delivered to the police lost and found office after one week. Other items will be stored by the operator or AtB for about a month, before donated for charitable purposes.

Bus and tram, Trondheim area (Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik)

For lost and found on buses in the Trondheim area, contact AtB's lost and found phone +47 901 42 836 or use our contact form. The phone is answered Monday to Friday 08:15 - 15:15.

You will find AtB service center at Prinsens gate 41 in Trondheim.

Bus, regions


  • Kontaktinformasjon FosenNamsos Sjø:
    PhoneOpening hours
    Nidaros: 995 84 119
    Nidaros II: 481 26 000
    Tarva: 915 51 217
    Follows timetable


  • Kontaktinformasjon Norled:
    PhoneOpening hours
    MF Ytterøyningen: 916 81 151
    MF Frafjord: 915 53 641
    Follows timetable


  • Kontaktinformasjon Norled:
    PhoneOpening hours
    MS Fjord Viking: 482 94 560Follows timetable




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