Chartered service

Some bus and boat routes are chartered services, and only departs when ordered.

Find information about what routes are chartered service and how to book transport.

Northern Trøndelag

The chartered service is by demand and varies from municipality to municipality.

Chartered service is divided into two types of transport:

  • Tilbringertransport: A service where the customer can be transported to other public transport routes to and from the home or bus stop.
  • Servicetransport: Booking routes that are scheduled at scheduled times with fixed start and stop points, but with checkpoints to pick up travelers who have ordered transport.

Passengers who use chartered service pay regular bus and boat tickets. Chartered service must be ordered in advance within the deadline.

The orders are coordinated to make the best use of resources. The booking can take place by taxi, maxi taxi or bus. The means of transport vary with the number of travelers. In order to entitled to transport, the traveler's retrieval address must be at least 2 kilometers from the stoover to existing public transport and vice versa on return trips.

You can order the following ways:

  • Call phone 07417 or 757 71 861
  • SMS: send password 07417 to phone number 2401. Order on SMS is received only within opening hours.
  • Use chat (visit our Norwegian site).

Please include the following information when ordering:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Number og travelers
  • Date and time of travel
  • Address and muncipality from which you travel
  • Option 1: Place and time of departure - what time and from where is your transition to other transportation?
  • Option 2: Place and time of arrival - what time will you arrive, and from where will you require chartered service?
  • Other relevant information such as extra luggage, baby carriage, baby seat etc.

For more information, see (in Norwegian).

Southern Trøndelag

The chartered service is by demand and follows  a set timetable when ordered.

Chartered service is marked Bestillingstransport - symbol in the timetable.

AtB has chartered service in the following areas:


  • Route 592 Åfjord - Stjern
  • Route 593 Åfjord - Flenstad
  • Route 594 Åfjord - Lauvøy


  • Linje 561 Hafsmo - Krokstadøra

Some departures with boat and ferry are also chartered service. These are marked with footnote A in the timetable and includes information about how to order.