Bus, Stor-Trondheim

Most of the buses have low entrances for easy boarding with strollers.

There are designated areas for strollers on the bus. Strollers must always be safely fastened or held by an adult during transport.

The driver will assist with disembarkment if requested.

Bus, regions

On regional buses, the stroller must be placed in the luggage compartment during the trip.

All buses that have a route number in the 300 and 400 series have at least two child seats for children from 0-3 years, and child seats for 3 years and over. Contact the driver.


There is a landing for embarkment and disembarkment on all boats. The crew will assist you with disembarkment if requested.

Route 800, Trondheim - Brekstad - Kristiansund, has children's rooms with station facilities on board their vessels.


All ferries have a ramp or landing for embarkment and disembarkment. The crew will assist you with disembarkment if requested.

There is an elevator or platform lift in all ferries with the exception of:

  • Route 960 Gutvik - Leka
  • Route 963 Eidshaug - Gjerdinga
  • Route 966 Borgan - Ramstadlandet
  • Route 985 Ølhammeren - Seierstad


The carriages on the tram are not designed for universal accessibility and unfortunately there is no elevator or ramp in the carriages. Strollers must be lifted in and out of the carriage.