Retailers for zone A (single ticket and 24-hour ticket)

Are you travelling in Trondheim for a short while? Tickets bought at retailers are a good option for visitors and tourists. The ticket is valid on bus, tram and train in zone A from the moment of purchase.

How to use your ticket

  • Choose between single ticket (90 minutes) or 24-hour ticket.
  • Buy the ticket at a retailer.
  • With a valid ticket from the retailer, you can board the bus without showing your ticket. Tickets from retailers are printed as a receipt from the cash register, and will therefore be somewhat different depending on where you have bought it.
  • Take care of the ticket until the journey is complete in case of ticket inspection.

If you buy a ticket for zone A after 18 on weekdays or all of Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, it is valid for three hours.


  • Extra Grilstad
  • Extra Kolstad
  • Extra Flatåsen
  • Extra Risvollan
  • Extra Ila
  • Extra Ringvålveien
  • Extra Rosenborg
  • Extra Moholt
  • Extra Tempe
  • Extra Leüthenhaven
  • Mega Valentinlyst
  • Obs! City Lade
  • Obs! City Syd
  • Prix Jakobsli
  • Prix Kattem


  • Byhaven
  • City Syd
  • Dronningens gate
  • Heimdal
  • Lade
  • Lilletorget
  • NardoCenteret
  • Prinsenkrysset
  • St. Olavs Akutten
  • Sirkus Shopping
  • Tillertorget
  • Trondheim S
  • Trondheim Torg
  • Valentinlyst


  • Elgeseter
  • Leangen
  • Munkvoll
  • Rosendal
  • Rosten
  • St. Olavs hospital
  • Tempe
  • Thomas Angellsgate
  • Øvre Bakklandet

Zone A includes

  • All of Trondheim, Malvik, Melhus and Stjørdal and Skaun.

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