Choose the right ticket

After choosing how to buy your ticket, you must choose which ticket is best for you.

Single ticket

The single ticket is valid for one trip in the zone or zones for which you purchased a ticket. This ticket is suitable for those who do not travel as often.

24 hours ticket

The 24-hour ticket is valid in one zone for 24 hours from the time you purchase or activate it. It is worthwhile to buy a 24-hour ticket if you are traveling three or more times in one day.

Periodic ticket

The periodic ticket applies to an unlimited number of trips in the zones for which you have purchased a ticket. You can buy a periodic ticket for seven days or from 30 to 180 days. It is worthwhile to buy a periodic ticket if you are going to travel five or more times in a week. A 180-day ticket costs the same as five 30-day tickets. That means you get 30 days for free.

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