Real time

Real time provides updated departure times from your stop

AtBs buses are equipped with GPS for real time info. Real time is a prognosis for the expected time of departure from a stop.

Real time is available on screens at the bus stops, in the travel planner and in the app AtB Reise (AtB Travel).

Real time on your phone

With the app AtB Reise you have travel informasjon for Sør-Trøndelag in you pocket.

Real time on the bus stop

  • Screens on the bus stops show the next buses and their expected time of departure.
  • Departures that lack real time info are shown with "ca", and the departure time is according to time tables.

Real time on board

  • Screens on the bus show the next stops.
  • The next stop is announced by an automatic speaker system.

Please note

  • The time is expected departure, not arrival.
  • Buses lacking real time prognosis are shown with departure time according to time tables.
  • As it gets closer to the departure, the prognosis is more and more certain.
  • The prognosis can be uncertain in the event of traffic challenges.
  • Buses in the 500-series do not have real time.
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