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Retailers for zone A (single ticket and 24-hour ticket)

Are you travelling in Trondheim for a short while? Tickets bought at retailers are a good option for visitors and tourists.

At our retailers  you can buy single ticket and 24-hour ticket for bus and tram in zone A. The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase.

Choose between

  • Single ticket adult, child or senior (valid for 90 minutes).
  • 24-hour ticket adult, child or senior (valid for 24 hours).

How to use your ticket

  • Buy your ticket from a retailer.
  • With a valid ticket from the retailer, you can board the bus without showing your ticket. Tickets from retailers are printed as a receipt from the cash register, and will therefore be somewhat different depending on where you have bought it.
  • Take care of the ticket until the journey is complete in case of ticket inspection.

Disposable travel card

You can buy disposable travel cards from AtB service center. The card works as the travel card t:card, and is pre-loaded with 24-hour ticket adult, child or senior (valid for 24 hours from first use).

Find a retailer

At selected Narvesen, 7-Eleven and Coop you can buy a ticket for bus and tram. See an overview of our outlets near metrostations or in the map below.

The map also shows ticket machines.

Blue = retailers
Yellow = stop/station with ticket machine

Zone A includes

  • All of Trondheim and Klæbu.
  • Malvik until last stops Hommelvik bomstasjon (E6), Muruvik (FV24) and Sneisen (FV963).
  • Melhus until last stops Ler (E6) and Hove Camping (FV708).
  • Skaun until last stops Storsand (FV800), Børskrysset (E39, includes bus further to Eggkleiva/Fokset/Venn skole) and Hove Camping (FV708).

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