Auto travel value on bus or tram

August 3rd, a new and more user-friendly webshop for t:card will be available at Are you used to refilling an amount to complete several single trips? It will be replaced with the purchase of punch cards - 10 single tickets purchased at once.

Use the t:card you have today when you shop - also in a new webshop.

Punch cards are delayed

The solution with a punch card is unfortunately not ready from August 7th, but we are working to ensure that you can use it within a short periode of time.

More ways to buy a ticket

Inntil vi har løsningen med klippekort på plass anbefaler vi følgende alternativer:

  • Periodic ticket on t:card
  • The app AtB Mobillett
  • SMS-ticket
  • Ticket machine (zone A)
  • Retailers (zone A)
  • On board (only credit card on region lines)

Periodic ticket on t:card

For many, it may pay to buy a season ticket instead of traveling with single tickets. With a season ticket, you travel as much as you want.

For child and senior it pays to buy:

  • Periodic ticket 7 days if you are traveling 6 or more times in one week.
  • Periodic ticket 30 days if you are traveling 5 or more times in one week.

For adult it pays to buy:

  • Periodic ticket 7 days if you are traveling 7 or more times in one week.
  • Periodic ticket 30 days if you are traveling 6 or more times in one week.

AtB Mobillett

For you with a smartphone, the AtB Mobillett app will be a good alternative to t:cards. You can buy a ticket for travel by bus, tram and boat in Trøndelag.

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Dersom du ikke har smarttelefon, men en mobiltelefon du kan sende melding med kan SMS-billett være et godt alternativ.

Buy ticket by sending the correct code , for example [HONNØR] or [HONNØR2S], to 2027. Buy more tickets by adding a space and number after the code, for example [BARN 3] or [BARN2S 3]. 

Travel in zon A (valid 90 minutes)

  • BARN
  • 24t

Travel in 1 zone (valid 90 minutes)

  • BARN1S

Travel in 2 zones (valid 120 minutes)

  • BARN2S

Travel in 3 zones (valid 4,5 hours)

  • BARN3S

24-hour ticket is only available for adult in zone A via SMS.

Codes translated

  • Voksen - Adult
  • Barn - Child
  • Honnør - Senior
  • Sykkel - Bike
  • Militær - Army

Ticket machines and retailers

At retailers and AtB's ticket machines, you can buy a single or 24-hour ticket for zone A.

On board

To reduce the risk of infection, there are restrictions on ticketing, and there is no cash payment on board. On a regional bus, you can buy a single ticket with a bank card.

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Ticket refund

If you have a value left on your t:card that you have not used up before you switch to using the new webshop, we will refund it. Submit application for refund.

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