Transfer guidelines

Transfer guidelines

Tickets purchased on board a bus in the Stor-Trondheim zone, are valid for one hour from the moment of purchase. Applies to single tickets with t:card, disposable travel cards and tickets paid in cash.

Mobillett and tickets purchased on ticket machines, are valid for 90 minutes from the moment of purchase. Please have you ticket ready and present it to the driver while boarding.

If you travel with a region bus or boat, your ticket is valid for transfer within 45 minutes after scheduled arrival at the destination zone (please refer to our schedules).

All single tickets are valid as transfers.

Need to change buses?

You will not be charged extra when changing buses (within time limits described above). With a valid ticket, you can switch buses at any stop. Please refer to the route tables in our schedule, where you will find stop times for all routes.

Transfers between AtB and other public transporters

With a single ticket or t:card you can freely transfer between bus, airport shuttle (not when using t:card), tram and ferry within the entire Trøndelag area. When travelling by train, you need to purchase an extension to the monthly train pass to obtain transfer rights to buses.

If your travel extends beyond the zone covered by the initial ticket, the transfer will not be free: You must purchase a new ticket. The cost of the initial ticket will however be deducted from the price of the new ticket. This also applies when using your t:card for single tickets.

If you are using a t:card periode, you will not get a deduction when purchasing a ticket for travel beyond the zones that the card covers.


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