Valid ticket

Ticket Inspection

Valid ticket – Your responsibility

All passengers are responsible for carrying a valid ticket for the duration of the journey.

AtB conducts regular ticket inspections on all routes. Single tickets must be kept for all accompanying travellers. Passengers without a valid ticket will receive a fine.

Passengers travelling with discounts must at all times during the journey be able to show valid identification and student ID/disability certificate from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). You are responsible for purchasing the correct ticket. See information on fares and discounts.

Terms of use apply for all types of tickets. With Mobillett the screen must be legible and have sufficient battery capacity for the duration of the journey. Receipts from the web shop or Mobillett do not count as valid tickets.

All passengers with falsified tickets are reported to the police, in addition to receiving a fine. Falsification includes copying or making changes to an existing ticket, also electronic tickets.

Methods of pay


Appeals must be made in writing within two weeks of the fine being issued. If the appeal is made on behalf of others, we will also need authorization from the recipient of the fine. Send an e-mail to or mail to AtB, Kongens gate 34, 7012 Trondheim.

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